Jen tři kousky z De Quinceyho

(poživač opia o některých právnících, Číně a letních dnech)

„Reader, he was one of those anomalous practitioners in lower departments of law who – what shall I say? – who on prudential reasons, or from necessity, deny themselves all indulgence in the luxury of too delicate a conscience, (a periphrase which might be abridged considerably, but that [sic] I leave to the reader’s taste): in many walks of life a conscience is a more expensive encumbrance than a wife or a carriage; and just as people talk of „laying down“ their carriages, so I suppose my friend Mr. – – had „laid down“ his conscience for a time, meaning, doubtless, to resume it as soon as he could afford it.“
str. 30

„I know not whether others share in my feelings on this point; but I have often thought that if I were compelled to forego England, and to live in China, and among Chinese manners and modes of life and scenery, I should go mad. The causes of my horror lie deep, and some to them must be common to others. Southern Asia in general is the seat of awful images and associations. … No man can pretend that the wild, barbarous, and capricious superstitions of Africa, or of savage tribes elsewhere, affect him in the way he is affected by ancient, monumental, cruel, and elaborate religions of Indostan &c. The mere antiquity of Asiatic things, … overpowers the sense of youth in the individual. A young Chinese seems to me an antediluvian man renewed.“
str. 110

„On these accounts it is, that I find it impossible to banish the thought of death when I am walking alone in the endless days of summer;…“
str. 114

Thomas De Quincey: Confession of an English Opium Eater, (1821), Levné knihy KMa, s. r. o. Praha 2006

Příspěvek byl publikován v rubrice Co jsem četl. Můžete si uložit jeho odkaz mezi své oblíbené záložky.

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